2020-08-30 6th Annual CCRCS Jet Jam

6th Annual CCRCS Jet Jam

Sunday August 30, 2020

Bring your jet and fly off our 300 foot paved runway.

Pilots Meeting at 8:45 AM
Jet flying starts at 9:00 AM
Raffle drawing at 2:00 PM

All types welcome.
$10.00 Landing Fee
Micro EDF? – Bring it
64mm – 120mm EDF Jet? – Bring it!
E-Flite 777 Airliner? – Bring it!
Nitro powered prop jet? – Bring it!
Old school nitro ducted fan? – Bring it!
Turbine Powered? – Bring it!
(Turbine pilots MUST have AMA Turbine Waiver)
If it looks like a jet or has some type of jet engine
it is welcome.

Got a question or need more information?
Contact the Contest Director:
John Shirron at jreshirron@centurylink.net; (971) 331-2236

Our field is located within the Clark County Fairgrounds, just north of Vancouver, Washington.
The address is 17200 NE Delfel Rd, Ridgefield, WA 98642.
Take Exit 9 from I-5, then head west on NE 179th St. Turn left on 2nd Ave, and enter the fairgrounds through
the gate. If the gate is locked please call me. Turn right to get to the main fairgrounds road and continue
towards the Sheriff’s Office. You’ll see our field on the left at the back of the fairgrounds area.

2020-08-30 CCRCS Jet Jam

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