Field Update: As you should all know the field reopened last Saturday and despite the weather a few of you have managed to get out there this week to fly:)

A few others have also been out there trying to get the grass cut, big thanks to Edward Fenner and Pat Sterling for getting us started on the mowing. We have scheduled another work party for Saturday June 20th, at 8am. We already have five people lined up to work: Ed B, Edward F, Frank W, Steve P, and me (Tom O). Unfortunately, the five people limit still applies for work parties. We do not know how long it will take to get the mowing and trimming completed so be advised the field will likely be unavailable the entire morning.

Tree update: The tree trimming has turned into a bureaucratic exercise because the tree we want to trim is located inside a Wetland Buffer Area. I ended up putting together a memo/petition to the Clark Country Community Development Department to make our case that the tree is a hazard for flight operations. The Fairgrounds facilitated the whole process and supported our case and the guy from the Community Development Department approved our request for an exemption, with some stipulations. One is we can only trim the tree, not remove the whole tree, second is we have to leave what gets cut in the Wetland Buffer Area (no problem there!), third is we have to hire a professional arborist to do the work. I’m working on getting some bids from a couple companies for the work. Once I get a couple of bids we will need to have a club meeting (virtually) and vote to approve/disapprove the funds for the work.

As you know, nothing in government happens fast, but Jason Young, Director of Operations at the Fairgrounds, facilitated all this in just a few days, thanks Jason!

Lastly, just a friendly reminder to be careful when locking the gate, there are two locks and we need to make sure we don’t lock out the Fairgrounds folks. We are trying to get two small lengths of chain installed to prevent accidentally locking out the other party.

Thats all for now, stay safe! -Tom

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