Free Lessons

CCRCS maintains trainer aircraft and equipment that is available for new members or other folks that would like to learn to fly. Please contact our training officer for more information.


How does a trainer system work?

A trainer system is a special cord which connects 2 compatible radios together, with the experienced pilot having the ability to hold a switch or button which then lets the student take control. When the student gets in trouble or has had enough, the instructor lets go of the switch and has immediate control of the aircraft. Using this training approach, thousands of pilots have learned to fly with minimal or no crash damage to their trainer models.

What is a “buddy box” or “trainer box”?

A trainer box has the basics of a radio transmitter, but not any of the transmission components (crystal, antenna, etc.). It is used JUST for training purposes. It is a less expensive way for a beginner to get a “radio” to use for his student training.

What about the frequency or channel of the student radio?

The student radio’s switch is never physically turned on, so it is never transmitting, so its frequency does not matter!

What does it cost to train?

CCRCS maintains all the equipment needed, including training aircraft, transmitters, and the special cord. There is never a cost or obligation to try your skills! So come out and give it a try – what have you got to loose? We know that if you have real interest in the sport, getting your hands on the transmitter will provide a wonderful and exciting experience.

What age do you have to be to train? What about the handicapped?

We generally have kids from Cub Scout age up to our senior citizens. Girls and boys of all ages are encouraged to give it a try if motor skills and hand/eye coordination are developed. Our friends in wheelchairs can be accommodated, as well as those on crutches – you don’t have to stand. You do have to be able to look up comfortably, though – I mean – you are flying the skies!

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